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Buying Foreclosures in Palm Springs

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Buying Foreclosures in Palm SpringsWith the laws that govern the practice of foreclosing on real property varying from state to state, it can be highly confusing attempting to understand the procedures involved in the process. Unless you know of benchmark cases that have set precedence in the state you are interested in pursuing buying foreclosed property, you will need to investigate the local ordinances and laws governing such pursuits.

Foreclosure is the process a bank, lending company, or realty company enacts against the owners of a specific piece of property or property location.If the person or persons attempting to purchase the property are in default or are expecting to be in default of the loan, the property, having been the recipient of a lien in lieu of payment on the full balance of the loan is then seized and offered up for re-sale, often at a fraction of the original cost.

The three main types of foreclosure sales are on properties owned exclusively by a real estate company, pre-foreclosure sales, and foreclosure auctions. Paying close attention to the real estate market and the financial market at the time you wish to purchase foreclosed property is imperative to obtaining the best monetary deal.

Prior to the property being foreclosed is the choice time for novice buyers to begin their adventure into property buying? This is when the owner attempts to sell the property below the previously appraised value which most usually begins at 70% to 80% below the appraisal amount. Paying more than 70% of this appraisal is not advised yet if necessary for an excellent buy, should be arranged.

As a novice, attending foreclosure auctions as a means of acquiring property is not the best route when indulging in property buying. With a high chance of the lender attending the auction as well, which most often results in the property being bought by the lender due to a low selling price being expected, you can expect either a high price or a battle in auction. Payment is required shortly following the end of the auction by cash or certified check, without the buyer being permitted to inspect the property. This can result in conflicting events if there are currently tenants in the property or if it is in below average condition.

Real estate company sales of foreclosed property are the safest option, but without a generous amount of research, you may find yourself on the bad side of the deal. Your research should include, but not be limited to, the current market on surrounding homes within the area and of like models. Being aware of the amounts that most homes similar to your prospective home are being sold for is imperative to gaining an insight on the worth of the foreclosed home.

Fully inspect the home before making your final decision on purchasing, since most foreclosed homes sold by real estate companies are owned by another lending institution or a bank, which is a positive effect in that the title can now be bought clear, but most of the properties are sold “as is.” This could require the need for making repairs before or after the property is bought.

As with any financial investment, whether this is your first home or one of many, seek the advice of an expert and gain as much self-knowledge concerning the matter as possible.

William F. Cody, Architect, Palm Springs CA

Monday, April 21st, 2008

William Cody, Del Marcos Hotel

Some of the modern architect in Palm Springs, California is credited to the hard work and diligence of William F. Cody, a man well known for his building of many popular landmarks still fully functioning today.Although he hailed from Dayton, Ohio, he attended USC and following his graduation moved to Palm Springs where he began his long admired journey into modernism. In 1947 Cody designed and built his first hotel, the Del Marcos which is one of the main locations today known for its breath taking, modern design.

Built with an awe inspiring view of the San Jacinto mountains in the background, this magnificent hotel is located a mere one block from downtown historic Palm Springs.In 1955, Cody helped design, in a joint project with other architects, the Spa Hotel. This design boasts the classic angles and designs that mark it as a modern masterpiece. Following this group creation was Cody’s double flaunt for the public eye, the Springs Restaurant and the Eldorado Country Club, both of which became well known public gathering locations famous for drawing in many crowds.The J.B. Shamel residence was designed and built in 1961 and shortly following was his next great creation of the home once owned by designer Hal Broderick, the Abernathy House. Built in 1962, this fantastic home is one of Cody’s best remembered projects.The later years of his career produced some of his most well known works, both the Palm Springs Library and the Theresa Catholic Church, built in 1973. These were his last projects completed before he suffered a stroke and passed away in 1978.

Both locations are steeped in modernism, giving them a much coveted place on the list of local wonders. With the inside of the library boasting open spaces and modern design that makes the most of windows and light, the beauty is rivaled only by the outward design that draws attention of visitors and locals alike. Recognized as one of the designers responsible for a broad range of residential and commercial projects, his notoriety expands over Havana, San Diego, Palm Springs, and many other locations. Popular for wide expanses of space and large windows with sloping angles most often associated with modern architect, Cody left a legacy of beauty and inspiration not only for future predecessors of architects and designers, but also for those that visit and live in his creations. Although his passing is mourned, his buildings live on as a historic part of Palm Springs and in numerous other locations. Showing a genuine passion for design and uniqueness, Cody created memories and projects that have lasted decades, and will last for many more. These projects have served to inspire later architects in both design and efficiency.

From hotels to homes, clubs to churches, William F. Cody gave something to the world to inspire and change the people around them. His projects are remembered for their beauty of design and their awareness of life. Come experience Palm Springs, experience modernism in a way guaranteed to make you feel right at home.

Elaine Stewart

Silver Rock Golf Course in La Quinta, CA

Monday, April 21st, 2008

silver rock golf course,la quinta

Boasting over 7,500 yards of meticulously designed greens while offering a breath taking view of the Santa Rosa Mountains in the background, the Silver Rock Golf Course is an absolute must-play course to add to your list. No exceptions accepted for this amazing layout bearing Arnold Palmer’s signature of approval and the chance of a once in a lifetime play of a challenging yet enjoyable course. The course was voted among the “The Top Ten New Golf Courses That You Can Play” by Golf Magazine.

Taking extreme pride in their exceptional service from tee and around the green, members and guests alike enjoy the atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment while making their way around over 50 sand bunkers that form tight plays and demand exceptional skills of any golfing enthusiast. Prominently recognized as the home of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic since 2007, the resort understands the a reasonable amount of expectation for them to deliver the highest quality of golfing available in the Coachella Valley while seeking to immortalize their reputation for providing the best sport and entertainment.

Located in La Quinta, a scenic town that owes much of its beauty to the surrounding desert, the Silver Rock Golf Course began offering their course for use in 2005, since then their doors have been open to anyone with a desire to play a challenging and enjoyable course that offers awe inspiring surroundings as one of the main perks. The course is surrounded by luxury Real Estate with communities such as The Citrus, Mountain View Country Club, PGA West, Andalusia, Palmilla, Griffin Ranch and the Hideway.

Making a practice facility available to members is only one of the numerous amenities offered by this exceptional club. With future plans of expanding not only the clubhouse, but also adding another golf course and building a Destination Hotel, they are keeping the comfort and expectations of their members as their main focus. The current clubhouse, featuring a snack area complete with lounge and pro shop, offer nearly anything you desire or need and if you care to warm up on our practice and putting greens, they are available for your use at your convenience. Once warmed up, you can then start your trip on the course.

Having the ability to play, or the desire to learn, an excellent sand game is necessary on this course due to a reasonable portion of the layout consisting of sand hazards. A myriad of areas that are thoroughly desert require careful planning, but allow for excellent definition of the surrounding landing zones.

Sporting a unique arrangement of winding paths and a merging of greens with desert sand, the Silver Rock Golf Course has managed to create a location that inspires a truly amazing appreciation for nature. In keeping with the challenge of water included on a course, there are eight holes that include plays involving water. Not only are these holes therapeutic, but also capable of challenging even the most skilled of golfers.

Rating among the top noted golf courses, this course comes in among the top listing due to the surroundings, the skill level required, and the professional manner that all members and guests are treated with. Playing the course now, promises you an introduction to perfection, desert style, while offering an intensity difficult to find anywhere else. Come enjoy your game, enjoy Silver Rock Golf Course. If you are looking for Real Estate in the La Quinta, please give us a call, we would be glad to help you.

PGA West in La Quinta California

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Indian Wells, located in the Palm Springs area between La Quinta and Palm Desert, is home to one of the Nine Masters Series tennis tournaments. Most often referred to as the Indian Wells Masters is the Pacific Life Open tennis tournament. This tournament is not only one of the most notorious, but also one of the most attended here inIndian Wells.

The Pacific Life Open plays against an awe inspiring view of the mountains in the background and the beautiful desert as the sanctuary. Palm trees are found everywhere, giving you an uninhibited view of southern California during an appealing season. With temperatures reaching the 90’s easily, the tennis tournament offers a change from the usual entertainment to be found in Indian Wells at the surrounding fabulous four star resorts and spas.Being hosted during the second and third week of March, the 10th - the 23rd, this tournament boasts some of the top names in tennis as active competitors in the 16,100 seat Indian Wells Tennis Gardens.