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Thunder & Lightning Pow Wow

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

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Enjoy the wonderful festivities of the annual Annual Thunder and Lightning Pow Wow show being held during September 26th, 27th and 28th . The show offers a great opportunity to travel through the path of our ancestors.

This mega show presents more than 1,200 dancers competing to win the mega prizes worth more than $260,000. This is a grand occasion which shares the verdant cultural heritage of different communities in this great’country.’ Pow Wows, originally planned for spring, welcome the new beginnings of life, and are grandeur festivities showcasing the culture and heritage of Native Americans. It is a great occasion for the people to join together, sing, dance and’share’cultures. This is considered as the best time to renew the friendships, recollect relations and also to make new friends.’

Today, Pow Wows are an integral part of the Native Americans lives. The Pow Wow celebration brings together many native tribes together in a festive and social atmosphere. ‘There is a lot of’enthusiasm and the whole atmosphere becomes vibrant during the festival period.

This is a grand occasion of dance and music.’There’will be areas of the PowWows thriving with illuminations, joy and activities. The spectators are allowed entry at free of cost. The Grand Entry is an attractive event in the beginning of every session of Pow Wow. It consists of a parade of well dressed people, dressed in colors accompanied with songs and dances. This is a nice occasion to the participants to score more points. All competing people will be participating in the Grand entries.

The cultural heritage and the marvel of the dance compositions and music are displayed in the Pow Wow. The tribal songs and dances have been inherited through many generations.’Competitions are held for various age groups, kids, women and men. This will be an eye catching event for the people to enjoy and experience the grandeur traditional artistic talents in the country. Make sure you attend this great Pow Wow near the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa.

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Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel

Friday, September 12th, 2008


The Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel of Southern California is one of the most elegant lodging facilities of its kind. Today, I wanted to share some basic information about this hotel to give some insight into one of the great travel offerings in this part of the country. If you appreciate luxury hotels, the Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel is a great option for you or your family when staying in Southern California.What makes the Viceroy Hotel so unique? I’m glad you asked. First, upon arrival most visitors are awestruck by the gorgeous setting of this impressive vacation property.

This hotel is so inspiring visually it seems like the place just popped right out of a Thomas Kinkade painting! Personally, I adore environments like this whether I am enjoying a leisurely vacation away from home or entertaining guests in my hometown.Just imagine lounging by the pool while taking in the luscious scenery. (Are you imagining yourself at the Pam Springs Viceroy Hotel yet? I certainly hope so.) Or, picture an unforgettable wedding for one of your family members. The Viceroy special events facilities can help you achieve an event production in Southern California that you will never forget!

In fact, many stars have stayed here in the past to relax and enjoy the Hollywood Regency mode of this spectacular hotel. Who knows which mega star you might run into during your stay or event at the Viceroy? In such a magical setting, the options are limitless.

One thing you are sure not to forget is the friendly and courteous hotel customer service. When was the last time you visited a hotel where the staff actually went above and beyond the basics? Well, from what I’ve gathered, the personable service at the Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel is very standard. Virtually everyone who visits this Southern California hotel notes the prompt service at the desk and in the valet.

The next time you are in the Southern California area, pay a visit to the Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel to see some one of the most impressive vacation destinations in the area.