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Frank Sinatra Jr. Lives Up To Father’s Name

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Growing up under one of the most famed musician ever can be a tough act, but Frank Frank Sinatra JrSinatra Jr. has played it well.  Born on January 10, 1944 in Jersey City, New Jersey, Franklin Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra is the son of the well known musician and actor Frank Sinatra and Nancy Barbato. 

The family as a whole has lived up to the last name as Frank Sinatra Jr. has a younger sister Tina who is a television producer and an older singer and actress Nancy Sinatra.  However, Frank Jr. is perhaps the most famous of the siblings with his own musical career.  Over the years is has been an American singer, songwriter and conductor.

There is no question that music was in the blood of Frank Jr.  Despite hardly ever seeing his father who was constantly on the road performing, he does recall wanting to become a piano player and songwriter very early in life.  It did not take long before he was performing at local clubs and venues in his early teens.

He became the vocalist for Sam Donahue’s band at the age of 19 and was often seen learning the music business with Duke Ellington as well.  He knew the time and effort that would have to be invested into performing in order to become the type of musician he wanted.  By the time he was 24, Frank Jr. had performed in 47 states and 30 countries, was a guest host on countless television shows, had sung with his own band in Las Vegas casinos, and was building up the reputation of someone who went through rigorous rehearsals and high musical standards.

Frank Jr. was quick to note that having a famous father did open some doors.  But at the same time, he said it meant he had to work three times as hard to live up to the expectations.  In addition to performing, he also appeared in the Sammy Davis Jr. television drama A Man Called Adam in 1966. 

In the midst of all of his fame and pursuance of a musical career, he was kidnapped at the age of 19 on December 8, 1963 at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.  The kidnappers demanded a $240,000 ransom, which was paid by Frank Sr. and Frank Jr. was released two days later.  The kidnappers would later be captured, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to short prison terms.

Over the years Frank Sinatra Jr. has appeared in many television shows and has released several new songs and albums.  He had a guest spot playing himself on The Sopranos for a short time along with a single appearance in a 2006 episode and a 2008 of Family Guy.

In 2006 he released an album entitled That Face! that included well-known songs “You’ll Never Know” and “Spice.”  Although he is by no means as famous as his father, Frank Sinatra Jr. has certainly lived a fulfilling and successful life thus far.  From his music to guest roles in television shows to guest appearances on late night shows, Frank Jr. has continued to be in the eye of the public.

The Frank Sinatra House in Twin Palms Palm Springs, California

Designed in 1947 by E. Stewart Williams for Frank Sinatra and his first wife, Nancy Barbato, Twin Palms is a spectacular example of mid-century architecture in the heart of Palm Springs’ Movie Colony community.  E. Stewart Williams created a masterpiece residence with seamless interior / exterior flow.  Twin Palms Estate is located just around the corner from residences once owned by Al Jolson, Jack Benny and Cary Grant.  This Palm Springs luxury vacation rental estate boasts both luxury and historical and architectural significance.

Palm Springs Photo Festival Connect 2010 Set To Amaze

Sunday, March 7th, 2010


Whether you are looking to enhance your photography skills or meet some of the top photographers around, Connect 2010 is the place to be.  Connect 2010 is America’s most talked-about photography event with evening presentations, one-on-one tech consultations, countless workshops and master classes, and much more. Connect 2010 is the Palm Springs Photo Festival, which is an intense week-long event.  It is ideal for professional, emerging and serious advanced amateur photographers.  This program will truly inspire you while providing outstanding education that will reignite the passion within you toward art and commerce of photography.

The event begins on Sunday, March 28 with an Open Portfolio Review and Opening Reception.  Throughout the week, you will have the opportunity to meet top photographers, curators, art directors, editors, gallery directors, ad agency creatives, educators and many more inspirational leaders.  The goal is to not only learn a great deal about the industry, but to show off the skills you already possess.  You have the ability to show your portfolios, study with the best photographers in the business, and attend cutting-edge seminars and symposiums.The economy has had a negative impact on virtually every industry out there; including photography. 

 For this reason, Connect 2010 gives you the opportunity to be seen and actually network with master photographers who can help you get your foot in the door.  There are a number of terrific evening parties that allow you to loosen up and interact with those in the business.  In all, you will be able to choose from 18 intense workshop programs that allow you to learn from world-renown working photographers and educators.  Most programs are three to four days long and provide a great deal of information that can truly allow you to excel and develop the skills needed to be successful down the road. There are also 20 important seminars that will be held throughout the week on a wide array of different subject matters.  These seminars can provide useful information that you may have never even thought of before.Best of all, you will find over 1200 portfolio reviews with top industry professionals available.  (more…)

Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions Continue To Excel After 24 Years

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Palm Springs Car Auction 

For the last 24 years Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions have delivered hundreds of hot rods, sports cars, muscle cars and classics to auctioneers.  There are hundreds of buyers and sellers who visit the auctions every year and for obvious reasons, they keep coming back.  Regardless of whether you have a classic you are looking to get rid of or are looking to get your hands on a beauty, these auctions are the place to be.

The story began back in 1985 as Keith McCormick hosted his first exotic car auction.  Although it was nowhere near the standards of today’s auctions, it certainly got the tradition underway.  Today, Keith’s car auctions are some of the most prestigious, respected, and successful ones in America.

The events are held every year in the months of November and February on the grounds of the Spa Resort Casino located in downtown Palm Springs, California.  It is as if every year the auctions get bigger and even more cars enter.  The auction in November of 2009 was the largest yet with 496 lots total and 332 lots sold.

When it comes to car auctions, numbers do not lie.  Over the years, the Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions have put up impressive numbers to say the least.  They have accumulated well over 235,000 in auction attendance and over 17,046 cars have been displayed.  There have been over 11,762 successful sales which equates to 69% of the cars displayed.  10% of the cars that do not sell end up being sold by the staff during the sale and many vehicles listed to be sold at no reserve end up selling to the last bidder.

What separates this auction from others is the wide variety of luxurious vehicles that appear year after year.  The auction that just came to a close in February featured everything from a 1967 Rolls Royce to a 1965 Ford T-Bird to a 2003 Mercedes Benz SL 500.  There were vehicles all the way from 1929 to 2009 for buyers to choose from.  And with several different models and makes at the auction, there was a little bit of something for everyone. (more…)

Trilogy in La Quinta, CA

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Southern California desert life is as exciting as it is beautiful, and if you are considering making the jump to an adult planned residential community in the desert, Trilogy at La Quinta is just what you need. Located at the bottom of Coral Mountain in one of the prettiest areas of Palm Springs, Trilogy offers a truly luxurious setting for the ultimate in gracious living. The climate of Trilogy is warm and bright throughout the year making it easy and fun for year round outside activities, of which Trilogy and the surrounding area offer no end to. Trilogy offers the ultimate in adult community desert living.

Warm climate and warm people make Trilogy an alluring option to desert living. You will find the community at Trilogy to be friendly, active and very passionate about making the living at Trilogy the best it can possible be. This positive energy is one of the most attractive attributes to the community and what keeps it so alive. There is no end to the possibilities of things to do at Trilogy. Trilogy Golf is always fun and the course is just beautiful. There is truly something for everyone. There are arts, culture, hiking, sports everything you can imagine. These activities all center around the club, where residents commune to enjoy each other’s company and plan out new adventures.

The homes at Trilogy are beautiful and varied to meet the needs and desires of everyone. The idea is to create the specific beauty as interpreted by the owner. All homes regardless of size are quality built and beautiful to behold. Feng Shui is standard in all homes to help create and maintain balance in your life. All this positive energy works to create the ultimate in serenity and happy living. The use of space in all Trilogy homes will amaze you and most homes are equipped with casitas for visiting guests. Accommodating all lifestyles is the goal of Trilogy.

Trilogy at La Quinta in Palm Springs offers truly gracious and active living in a beautiful warm and bright desert setting. There are many activities beyond the community nearby that include tennis and golf at your choice of clubs. It’s certain that you can always find fun exciting activities to engage in at Trilogy. Trilogy offers everything a planned adult residential community should offer; beauty, peace, activity and good friends. Desert living has never been so fulfilling for your body and soul. Start living life well at Trilogy.

Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel

Friday, September 12th, 2008


The Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel of Southern California is one of the most elegant lodging facilities of its kind. Today, I wanted to share some basic information about this hotel to give some insight into one of the great travel offerings in this part of the country. If you appreciate luxury hotels, the Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel is a great option for you or your family when staying in Southern California.What makes the Viceroy Hotel so unique? I’m glad you asked. First, upon arrival most visitors are awestruck by the gorgeous setting of this impressive vacation property.

This hotel is so inspiring visually it seems like the place just popped right out of a Thomas Kinkade painting! Personally, I adore environments like this whether I am enjoying a leisurely vacation away from home or entertaining guests in my hometown.Just imagine lounging by the pool while taking in the luscious scenery. (Are you imagining yourself at the Pam Springs Viceroy Hotel yet? I certainly hope so.) Or, picture an unforgettable wedding for one of your family members. The Viceroy special events facilities can help you achieve an event production in Southern California that you will never forget!

In fact, many stars have stayed here in the past to relax and enjoy the Hollywood Regency mode of this spectacular hotel. Who knows which mega star you might run into during your stay or event at the Viceroy? In such a magical setting, the options are limitless.

One thing you are sure not to forget is the friendly and courteous hotel customer service. When was the last time you visited a hotel where the staff actually went above and beyond the basics? Well, from what I’ve gathered, the personable service at the Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel is very standard. Virtually everyone who visits this Southern California hotel notes the prompt service at the desk and in the valet.

The next time you are in the Southern California area, pay a visit to the Palm Springs Viceroy Hotel to see some one of the most impressive vacation destinations in the area.

Revitalization of Riviera Resort & Spa in Palm Springs

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Palm Springs Riviera Resort

A breath of fresh air is building momentum in Palm Springs, the location? The Riviera Resort & Spa. Already the largest hotel known for its beauty and splendor, they have undertaken an expansion and renovation project that is destined to deliver one of the most spacious and awe inspiring hotels in Palm Springs. Having invested well over $50 million dollars in the re-building and re-designing effort, the team is determined this new behemoth of hotels will carry their name proudly into the new millennium with a declaration of perfection in this year and far beyond.

Keeping in mind the new breed of traveler, the committee realizes that they need to provide amenities to entice even the most experienced of travelers, and they’ve done a fantastic job of it by providing spa packages and treatments that span the globe with multi-cultural treatments being administered throughout 22 treatment rooms. A new fitness center will satisfy any urges for more physical exertion, followed by relaxing in the encompassing lounge or off for the full salon treatment including full service hair and nails. For all those road weary tourists and visitors, the welcoming lights of the resort and spa will never go dim.

The variety is endless, allowing you to take your pick from over 400 amazingly superb rooms that ooze elegance and desert charm boasting spacious areas to give you a comfortable feeling while entertaining guests, or working in the ‘office’ area of your room. Offering wireless internet, TV’s, and various other work related amenities, keeping in touch with your business is still as simple as a phone call, email, or instant message. Separated into different areas, your suite gives you the option of selective actions throughout your day, whether it is work, relaxing, or entertainment. The larger suites allow for guest entertaining with the inclusion of various actual rooms in addition to a guest room, enabling you to enjoy company or peace in solitude.

Private balconies and patios give guests and visitors alike, a breathtaking view of the mountains that serve as a backdrop to the surreal gardens and lush greenery that are inter laid around the hotel. The committee has spared no expense or option when it comes to the design and the development of perfection with the addition of sprawling lawns and foliage that mark it as true gem, sparkling amid the serene tones of the surrounding desert. The landscaping aids in the appearance of an oasis in the midst of the stark beauty of the desert, mixing the hues and natural colorings to blend together in a natural wonder.

Sprawled over more than 45,000 square feet, the hotel will leave nothing to the imagination when the time comes to welcome its first guests. The rating of perfection stands strong coupled with their intense passion to maintain their hard earned reputation. Choosing the Riviera for your vacation, wedding, or other venue give you the guarantee of satisfaction, while enjoying the new definition of desert living, where living in comfort is the new level of enjoyment. If you looking for Palm Springs Real Estate while you are out in the desert, we would be glad to show you whats availible!

Agua Caliente Casino Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Agua Caliente Casino Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage, CA

Having raised and successfully set the new bar for excellence, the Agua Caliente Casino proudly introduces their version of perfection. Completed in mid April of 2008, the spectacular hotel now offers accommodations in a variety of packages ranging from one night to multiple nights stays.

Each guest room is furnished with space and convenience in mind, allowing for ample room while invoking a sense of comfort and relaxation. Freshly ducted air is constantly circulated into each individual room, providing excellent climate conditions to suit your personal preferences. With the ushering in of a new standard, the staff is available at any hour to guarantee your satisfaction and enhance your overall experience at Agua Caliente Spa Resort Casino.

After settling in, indulge in a period of self pampering in the spacious bathroom and take your time to dress for dinner. Offering a choice of six different dining establishments, you can opt for a meal that suits your mood. The Steakhouse sets a tone for fine- dining, wine, and an upscale atmosphere, while the buffet style Grand Palms carries your taste buds on a sensory journey spanning four different cultures. For a mix of delightful renditions from around the world, the waters cafe’ is open 24 hours daily, seven days a week, and for those perfect deli cravings, a visit to the Poker Deli gives you an experience rivaled only by your stay at the hotel. More relaxed settings include the Wet Bar where you can relax poolside and enjoy the surrounding beauty, or the coffee house, Java Caliente, where your sweet tooth gets a rare treat.

World class action enables the casino to shake up the stakes with a guarantee of a hit by $100,000 on the Paradise Jackpot, beginning at $25,000. A variety of monthly promotions keep the ball rolling in the casino, with weekly slot tournaments, pool side social relaxation and interaction, and some of the hottest table games in Palm Springs.

Visit the poker room and double your jackpots, set a blazing trail in the Hot Water Craps game, and fall in love with Blackjack once again with the liberal rules, both single and double deck games parried with high and low limit games. The luxurious high-limit room enables access to some of the highest limits available in the valley, and guarantees you a winning chance.

The popular Sunstone Spa features over 10,000 square feet of luxury minded treatment rooms and a fitness center providing a solution for your exercise needs. A variety of specialty, full-service features include, but are not limited to:

  • Style, color, and design services for your hair.
  • Full pedicure/manicure services
  • Private label products available in custom scents for your skin care regimen.
  • Body treatments
  • Massage experiences
  • Varying therapy rooms for couples

So many more amenities are only a miniscule part of the overall experience of staying here. Join thousands of others that have discovered one of the best kept secrets in Palm Springs. Discover the desert in an entirely new way while re-discovering yourself and your passions. Be a part of something hot, something amazing… come be a part of Agua Caliente.

Palm Desert Historical Society Museum

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

The Palm Desert Historical Society Museum has brought their creative genius into play, making available a truly magnificent venture guaranteed to tempt young minds to indulge in learning about their culture rich history, as well as capture the hearts and attention of everyone with a finished product worthy of display in any home or office.

Palm Desert Historical Society MuseumInvesting their talent and attention, Lynn Englar, Mark Lunn, and Terry Cardinal have created a spectacular tool geared toward educating people about the desert and the community surrounding it that comprises their life story, both past and present. Terry Cardinal, the Director of Membership Development (Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce) in 1977, determined the need for passing on the wealth of knowledge gained from the pas, to the future generations was a task that was both necessary and important.

Rallying the aid of a knowledgeable educator named Lynn Englar; the solution to this educational and fun learning adventure was planned and brought into existence after the addition of Mark Lunn to the creative team. is a brilliant display of a myriad of pictures covering a broad range of topics from historical buildings to animals of the desert, famous masterpieces, and locations.

Currently available online, are 100+ paintings that are fully downloadable to be colored by children or anyone else interested in viewing history in a colorful and fascinating way. Embarking on an intellectual journey made simple and easily remembered through beautiful designs and paintings, the Palm Desert Historical Society Museum has produced a valuable tool for not only helping to educate young children, but also enabling them to maximize the learning process by actively taking part in determining their view of color and design to some of the most famous masterpieces known to man.

Divided under two main categories are three additional sub categories that include numerous sub-headings covering a compilation of art history lessons taught through pictures for coloring? Each individual picture includes an explanation of the painting, animal, or location being displayed. The masterpiece paintings also include a number of multiple choice questions created by educators in the grade school level, geared specifically toward encouraging memory enhancement.

The two main categories are Masterpiece Collections, and Nature Collections. Under these two are the three more in depth headings of Color Me Masterpieces which gives children a vast number of choices between such pictures as Matisse’s “Lady Playing Guitar”, Rousseau’s “The Sleeping Gypsy”, “Portrait of Mother” by Whistler, and the ever popular “Mona Lisa” by Advance, along with so many more. Also parts of this collection are the American Art Masterpieces and some Masterpiece Sculptures that serve as an integral part of the history of the United States. Color Me Nature gives children a wide variety of bird and mammal pictures to choose from, while Color Me Location provides pictures of local historical locations in the surrounding Palm Desert area as a means of teaching the children about their community. Currently undergoing construction is a number of other collections, Plants, California, and Reptiles & Amphibians.

Sharing history with your children in a fun and relaxed manner is what ColorMeOnline is all about. They have created a tool to help you build a strong foundation for your children as they search for knowledge and understanding of their past, in an effort to perfect the future.

Palm Springs Cruisin Association

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Palm Springs Cruisin Association

Brought into existence 15 years ago by social interaction between a small number of people joined by their enthusiasm for cars, the Palm Springs Cruisin Association has grown from a small group to well over 100 club members and as many as 125 cars on average, at each monthly cruise. Started by Bob Hunt and Loren Orcutt as a means for connecting with other car enthusiasts, this association has grown in both size and reputation with their charitable fund raising activities. Known mainly for their annual benefits for the Bread of Life and Dr. Sebastian George Cancer Foundation charities, this group excels in their enthusiasm for helping mankind and their own community by hosting fund raisers geared at raising money for a number of valid causes.

The group activity schedule includes a monthly cruise night located on the corner of Calle Encilla and Amado at the exotic Spa Resort Casino gracing downtown Palm Springs. For a night of fun, friends, and an enjoyable atmosphere, these cruises are normally scheduled for the first Saturday of each month from September to June. Welcoming everyone and anyone, the collection of over 150 spectacular cars ranging from hot rods to corvettes, street rods to classic cars, and many more are available for free viewing, accompanied by a variety of activities that include the entire family.

Kids and adults alike are welcome to try their luck in the slot car racing, coloring and model car contests, and for those risky enthusiasts, a hula hoop contest lures contestants with the promise of fun and laughter. Interspersed between the entertainments that accompanies each cruise night are 50/50 drawings and a raffle, giving you a chance to help support the clubs endeavors to aid their fellow man.

A pit stop at their spectacular website gives you a variety of options to choose from through a list of click-able links that make user navigation a breeze. Leaving the competition in the dust, the club devotes an entire page to explaining their purpose driven continuity of a tradition started fifteen years ago, and provides numerous links for additional information or help, depending on your interest. The list of links includes, but is not limited to Hot Rod Hotline, Palm Springs Corvette Club, Dr. Torch Designs, and several others. For you enthusiasts looking for a sister site that offers more thrills, activities, and cars, the links page is designed entirely with you in mind.

Race over to the Members Rides page for a glimpse of the club members and their individual choices of motor masterpieces. Sporting a broad range of makes and models spanning a wide selection of the early years, these vehicles have been lovingly cared for, restored, and kept in mint condition with a meticulous dedication that can only be the result of being a die hard car enthusiast.

Even if you have no understanding of cars, attending one of these amazing events is a must-do, so grab your friends and family, visit the website for the Palm Springs Cruisin Association and get the date for the next monthly cruise night and become a part of something big, fun, and unforgettable.

If you are interested in crusin around Palm Springs and looking at some Real Estate, give us a call. We would be glad to help!


Friday, May 2nd, 2008


SAVE THE DATE:May 8, 2008.

Since 1992, the Palm Springs Walk of Stars has been honoring prominent personalities in show business and the entertainment industry as well as the literary field by placing Golden Palm Stars embedded on the sidewalks located at Palm Canyon Drive, Tahquitz Canyon Way and Museum Drive. The Stars are a historical landmark of the Greater Palm Springs Area.

Meritorious Stars are also awarded to humanitarians and pioneer/civic persons within our desert community, military persons who have received the Congressional Medal Award, sports figures and to The Palm Springs International Film Festival Annual Special Honoree. The Board of Directors also considers certain criteria in choosing honorees.

The event is a great way to promote and benefit our Greater Palm Springs area.


The 312th Golden Palm Star unveiling honoring Miriam and Earl Hoover will be held this year at 101 Museum Drive, at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 8, 2008. The Hoovers, part-time residents of Palm Springs for over 50 years, contributed to the creation and funding of numerous charitable organizations throughout the desert community. Mr. Hoover, who past away in 1985, managed the Hoover Company and was on the Board of Trustees of the Palm Springs Desert Museum. The event is open to the public and media and will be hosted by Bob Alexander, the President of the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.


If you are interested in adopting a Golden Palm Star, the cost is $275.00 and is tax deductible. The funds are used to maintain and clean the Star for one year with an additional one year right of first refusal renewal. As part of your donation, you will also receive one free admission to the annual “Celebration of Stars” party. The Palm Springs Walk of Stars is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Foundation.

Sponsorships are also available. For more information, visit the Palm Springs Walk of Stars website at or contact them at (760) 416-5811.

If you are interested in buying or selling Palm Springs Real Estate or real estate in the surrounding Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta and other desert communities, Elaine Stewart is the Real Estate Agent to call. With 20 years of experience in the Real Estate market, Elaine truly enjoys helping people with the process of buying or selling a home. For more information on Palm Springs Real Estate , visit Elaine at her

PGA West in La Quinta California

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Indian Wells, located in the Palm Springs area between La Quinta and Palm Desert, is home to one of the Nine Masters Series tennis tournaments. Most often referred to as the Indian Wells Masters is the Pacific Life Open tennis tournament. This tournament is not only one of the most notorious, but also one of the most attended here inIndian Wells.

The Pacific Life Open plays against an awe inspiring view of the mountains in the background and the beautiful desert as the sanctuary. Palm trees are found everywhere, giving you an uninhibited view of southern California during an appealing season. With temperatures reaching the 90’s easily, the tennis tournament offers a change from the usual entertainment to be found in Indian Wells at the surrounding fabulous four star resorts and spas.Being hosted during the second and third week of March, the 10th - the 23rd, this tournament boasts some of the top names in tennis as active competitors in the 16,100 seat Indian Wells Tennis Gardens.


Taste of Palm Springs

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Taste of Palm Springs

Presenting a benefit for the Aids Assistance Program, Kahlua has created an awe inspiring event that guarantees an evening of up scale dining with a down home feel and a laid back atmosphere. From the music to the food, and the laughter to the exquisite wines, your enjoyment is imperative and nearly as much sought after as the profits that will go to an honorable cause. Providing financial support for the Aids Assistance Program is a means of caring for the community locally and the nation at large.Never ones to shy away from duty or helping the community, those that have organized this event are opening it to the public as a means of interacting not only with locals, but also with visitors from out of town or out of state.With an entrance fee of $45.00 per person, the evening promises a unique journey for your taste buds with culinary delights created with inspiration in some of the most popular restaurants around Palm Springs.

Leaving nothing to the imagination, the participating restaurants will give you a chance to experience a feast like no other as they cook and serve their way into your hearts. Some of the prospective restaurants expected to make available their savory dishes are ones such as the (more…)

Pacific Life Open

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Pacific Life Oepn, Indian Wells CAIndian Wells, located in the Palm Springs area between La Quinta and Palm Desert, is home to one of the Nine Masters Series tennis tournaments. Most often referred to as the Indian Wells Masters is the Pacific Life Open tennis tournament. This tournament is not only one of the most notorious, but also one of the most attended here inIndian Wells.

The Pacific Life Open plays against an awe inspiring view of the mountains in the background and the beautiful desert as the sanctuary. Palm trees are found everywhere, giving you an uninhibited view of southern California during an appealing season. With temperatures reaching the 90’s easily, the tennis tournament offers a change from the usual entertainment to be found in Indian Wells at the surrounding fabulous four star resorts and spas.Being hosted during the second and third week of March, the 10th - the 23rd, this tournament boasts some of the top names in tennis as active competitors in the 16,100 seat Indian Wells Tennis Gardens.


Coachella Valley Music Festival

Sunday, March 16th, 2008


What better way to step back some years in time and re-visit your college days than to attend the happening event , the Coachella Valley Music Festival, located in Indio, California on the Empire Polo Fields. Thousands of people have flocked to this annual event that promises to hold, this year, one of the most diverse line ups in entertainment than has ever been held in the previous years of show dates. Boasting performing artists from varied backgrounds and varied genre of music with group names like Portishead, Kraftwerk, and many more.

Over 100 artists have been listed and in years passed have played in various tents with names like, the Gobi tent, Sahara tent, Mojave tent, and on multiple stages such as the Coachella stage and the Outdoor Theater. These locations are spread around the polo fields, playing constant music throughout each day of the entire weekend. Event attendees are encouraged to stroll the grounds freely and view the art exhibits as well as enjoy the food and music.Beginning on April 25, Friday is the start of a fun, food, music, and art filled weekend. Whether you like to attend in appreciation of art, music, or people, it is all here at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. There is something here for everyone. From the art filled tents to the music filled stages, food and fun abound.Since the beginning of this annual event in October of 1999, there have (more…)

10th Annual Rick Weiss Humanitarian Awards

Saturday, March 15th, 2008


The world is sometimes noted for being a sad and depressing place. People are not often kind enough to strangers, let alone those they know well. With so much anger and sadness, many are left wondering if there is any room for kindness or happiness anymore.

Apparently there is and it is made evidently clear with the annual Rick Weiss Humanitarian Award Gala. For ten years, like minded people have gathered together to host an event that places above all, the importance of doing something wonderful for others, and for making the world a better place to live in. This takes not only strength and determination against all odds, but also requires a lot of heart and love for your fellow man.

This historic event found it’s humble beginnings through the achievements and accomplishments of one man that refused to accept the world at face value. Rick Weiss placed a higher value on humanity and made it obvious that he considered all people great or small, important regardless of their station in life. His life partner, Earl Greenburg, stood next to him as they fought for a better life for low-income and HIV/AIDS people that were homeless and trying to simply make a life for themselves. (more…)

Dinah Shore Nabisco Classic Golf Tournament

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Dinah Shore Nabisco Classic
Once again, in true Palm Springs fashion, the world is invited to partake in one of the most notorious golf tournaments. Boasting memories and traditions of the famous Dinah Shore, a talk show host who’s name was synonymous with daytime TV in the 70’s. She started a tradition with her golf tournament that became a well known and loved annual event that was open to women from all over. The 2008 Kraft Nabisco Championship will feature more than’100 of the best women golfers in the world, including defending champion Morgan Pressel, 2007 Rolex Player of the Year Lorena Ochoa, 2007 Rookie of the Year Angela Park, Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer, Cristie Kerr, Natalie Gulbis, and Ai Miyazato, as well as the top-ranked amateurs in the country.’

Starting out as the Colgate Dinah Shore golf tournament in 1972, it rapidly morphed into a ‘happening’ event that anyone who was into golf even the slightest bit was seen there, sporting such players as Annika Sorenstam and Patty Lopez.’ Drawing in crowds of thousands, women flocked from far and near to fill the local hotels and casinos to overflowing.’ With the perfect, balmy weather and all the girls there to play,’the Palm Springs area’quickly


La Quinta Arts Festival

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta CATaking place in the southwest desert, framed by the beautiful Santa Rosa mountains is the location of the La Quinta Arts Festival. Home to one of the most notorious art displays in the southwest United States. Boasting the beauty of the surrounding desert adding to the attraction of the location as well as a splendid view of the mountains, locals swear almost no where else on Earth is quite as lovely.

The beauty of the desert is captured by the artists that have chosen to draw, paint, and create lovely works of art for display and sale, offering you a rare experience of seeing the world through their eyes. See the beauty of a pottery display that takes on a new meaning once you have


Palm Springs Food & Wine Festival to Benefit Culinary Institute of America

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Roy Yamaguchi of Roy's Restaurants

PALM SPRINGS, CA…February 6, 2008 -The Palm Springs Food & Wine Festival, a benefit for the Culinary Institute of America’s Endowed Scholarship Fund is presented by Wells Fargo and will be one of the most prestigious food and wine festivals in Southern California. Located at the Spa Resort Casino in downtown Palm Springs, this event will be uniquely educational in focus showcasing Palm Springs as a culinary destination.

This Festival is the only one of its kind on the West Coast as it benefits the premier culinary school in America, the Culinary Institute of America. Locally, the Festival also benefits the Desert AIDS Project whose mission is to provide crucial services for those with HIV & AIDS. In the spirit of these two organizations and their mission of education, the Festival and all of its partners will have educational components in each of the venues while the attendees experience the finest cuisine and wines from around the world. As an earth friendly event, the producers will be making every effort to use recycled products, biodegradable material, and limited power draw from the grids while being constantly aware of its overall footprint on the environment.

Modernism Week in Palm Springs

Monday, February 11th, 2008


Palm Springs, CA is truly becoming a city that never rests. Although this might seem contradictory to the general atmosphere in the scenic town, it has begun to define the majority of activities there. With something going on nearly every week, it comes as no surprise to announce another awe inspiring occasion.

This annual event has gained notoriety for the exciting mosaic of a multitude of architectural and design programs and events that are taking place in Palm Springs. This collaboration between some of the hierarchical seats of power in Palm Springs, such as the Palm Springs Historical Society, Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, Palm Springs Preservation Foundation, the Modernism Show, and the Palm Springs Art Museum is one sight you simply must see.

To attend this annual show is something to remember from the amazing sights to the splendor and grandeur of the scenic surroundings. With the focus set on architect and design, attendees are made privy to an awe inspiring collection of the old designs in conjunction with the new, bringing the past and the present into comparison to help re-invent Palm Springs and the beautiful history, both cultural and architectural. (more…)

Palm Springs Art Museum

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008


Like a breath of fresh air on one of the dog days of summer, the Palm Springs Art Museum comes close to being a once in a lifetime experience. Located in the desert surrounded by the arresting beauty of this strange world that appears on the outside to have no life, the museum was once a center focused on educating locals and tourists about the desert and it’s different moods. Completely unlike the traditional museum, the Palms Springs Art Museum ventures into another realm of reality, one that challenges your very senses to explain what is in front of you.

An excellent website for the museum enables you a wide variety of choices to view some of the most unusual displays that were produced by artists and arranged for the purpose viewing them. With colors and shapes, these artists that have supplied art to the museum that speaks many ideas, emotions, and portrayals. If you have found yourself slowly drifting away from nature, your help to regain that commune with yourself and the inner peace available for us all is possibly in these amazing displays. When acknowledged as works of art, (more…)