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Taste of Palm Springs

March 31st, 2008

Taste of Palm Springs

Presenting a benefit for the Aids Assistance Program, Kahlua has created an awe inspiring event that guarantees an evening of up scale dining with a down home feel and a laid back atmosphere. From the music to the food, and the laughter to the exquisite wines, your enjoyment is imperative and nearly as much sought after as the profits that will go to an honorable cause. Providing financial support for the Aids Assistance Program is a means of caring for the community locally and the nation at large.Never ones to shy away from duty or helping the community, those that have organized this event are opening it to the public as a means of interacting not only with locals, but also with visitors from out of town or out of state.With an entrance fee of $45.00 per person, the evening promises a unique journey for your taste buds with culinary delights created with inspiration in some of the most popular restaurants around Palm Springs.

Leaving nothing to the imagination, the participating restaurants will give you a chance to experience a feast like no other as they cook and serve their way into your hearts. Some of the prospective restaurants expected to make available their savory dishes are ones such as the Read the rest of this entry »

Pacific Life Open

March 19th, 2008

Pacific Life Oepn, Indian Wells CAIndian Wells, located in the Palm Springs area between La Quinta and Palm Desert, is home to one of the Nine Masters Series tennis tournaments. Most often referred to as the Indian Wells Masters is the Pacific Life Open tennis tournament. This tournament is not only one of the most notorious, but also one of the most attended here inIndian Wells.

The Pacific Life Open plays against an awe inspiring view of the mountains in the background and the beautiful desert as the sanctuary. Palm trees are found everywhere, giving you an uninhibited view of southern California during an appealing season. With temperatures reaching the 90’s easily, the tennis tournament offers a change from the usual entertainment to be found in Indian Wells at the surrounding fabulous four star resorts and spas.Being hosted during the second and third week of March, the 10th - the 23rd, this tournament boasts some of the top names in tennis as active competitors in the 16,100 seat Indian Wells Tennis Gardens.

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Coachella Valley Music Festival

March 16th, 2008


What better way to step back some years in time and re-visit your college days than to attend the happening event , the Coachella Valley Music Festival, located in Indio, California on the Empire Polo Fields. Thousands of people have flocked to this annual event that promises to hold, this year, one of the most diverse line ups in entertainment than has ever been held in the previous years of show dates. Boasting performing artists from varied backgrounds and varied genre of music with group names like Portishead, Kraftwerk, and many more.

Over 100 artists have been listed and in years passed have played in various tents with names like, the Gobi tent, Sahara tent, Mojave tent, and on multiple stages such as the Coachella stage and the Outdoor Theater. These locations are spread around the polo fields, playing constant music throughout each day of the entire weekend. Event attendees are encouraged to stroll the grounds freely and view the art exhibits as well as enjoy the food and music.Beginning on April 25, Friday is the start of a fun, food, music, and art filled weekend. Whether you like to attend in appreciation of art, music, or people, it is all here at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. There is something here for everyone. From the art filled tents to the music filled stages, food and fun abound.Since the beginning of this annual event in October of 1999, there have Read the rest of this entry »

Palm Springs Real Estate Foreclosures.

March 15th, 2008


There are many instances when you can purchase a brand new home for yourself and your monthly responsibility would be less then what a large amount of people spend on rent each month. You might be absolutely surprised to learn that with a little bit of research that it really can be quite affordable and very simple to locate and purchase homes or condos and fantastic prices.

All you need to do is locate foreclosures taking place in the area when you would like to purchase a house and you may be all set to buy the home of your dreams at a seriously low price. This type of purchasing circumstances is great for those with a family looking for a nice place to raise their kids or someone looking for a great way to earn some extra cash by purchasing a foreclosed home, renovating it and reselling it for a nice profit. Ok I know what you might be thinking about the stigma attached to foreclosed homes. The previous owner failed to meet their payment obligations for one reason or another and the house is lying in shambles. Well it is never a good thing for someone to fail to meet their monthly mortgage obligation it does not mean that the house would not be an excellent purchase for someone else.

Talk to your local real estate agent and you may quickly see that buying homes that have been foreclosed upon is a great way to get a wonderful home at a wonderful price. They also will agree that you could purchase a home that was repossessed and tidy it up, flip it at a price much higher then what you paid for it. If you looking for Palm Springs Real Estate, we would be glad to help you find the home or condo of your dreams.

10th Annual Rick Weiss Humanitarian Awards

March 15th, 2008


The world is sometimes noted for being a sad and depressing place. People are not often kind enough to strangers, let alone those they know well. With so much anger and sadness, many are left wondering if there is any room for kindness or happiness anymore.

Apparently there is and it is made evidently clear with the annual Rick Weiss Humanitarian Award Gala. For ten years, like minded people have gathered together to host an event that places above all, the importance of doing something wonderful for others, and for making the world a better place to live in. This takes not only strength and determination against all odds, but also requires a lot of heart and love for your fellow man.

This historic event found it’s humble beginnings through the achievements and accomplishments of one man that refused to accept the world at face value. Rick Weiss placed a higher value on humanity and made it obvious that he considered all people great or small, important regardless of their station in life. His life partner, Earl Greenburg, stood next to him as they fought for a better life for low-income and HIV/AIDS people that were homeless and trying to simply make a life for themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Dinah Shore Nabisco Classic Golf Tournament

March 12th, 2008

Dinah Shore Nabisco Classic
Once again, in true Palm Springs fashion, the world is invited to partake in one of the most notorious golf tournaments. Boasting memories and traditions of the famous Dinah Shore, a talk show host who’s name was synonymous with daytime TV in the 70’s. She started a tradition with her golf tournament that became a well known and loved annual event that was open to women from all over. The 2008 Kraft Nabisco Championship will feature more than’100 of the best women golfers in the world, including defending champion Morgan Pressel, 2007 Rolex Player of the Year Lorena Ochoa, 2007 Rookie of the Year Angela Park, Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer, Cristie Kerr, Natalie Gulbis, and Ai Miyazato, as well as the top-ranked amateurs in the country.’

Starting out as the Colgate Dinah Shore golf tournament in 1972, it rapidly morphed into a ‘happening’ event that anyone who was into golf even the slightest bit was seen there, sporting such players as Annika Sorenstam and Patty Lopez.’ Drawing in crowds of thousands, women flocked from far and near to fill the local hotels and casinos to overflowing.’ With the perfect, balmy weather and all the girls there to play,’the Palm Springs area’quickly

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La Quinta Arts Festival

March 12th, 2008

La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta CATaking place in the southwest desert, framed by the beautiful Santa Rosa mountains is the location of the La Quinta Arts Festival. Home to one of the most notorious art displays in the southwest United States. Boasting the beauty of the surrounding desert adding to the attraction of the location as well as a splendid view of the mountains, locals swear almost no where else on Earth is quite as lovely.

The beauty of the desert is captured by the artists that have chosen to draw, paint, and create lovely works of art for display and sale, offering you a rare experience of seeing the world through their eyes. See the beauty of a pottery display that takes on a new meaning once you have

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Big profits with Real Estate Flipping in Palm Springs

March 7th, 2008

palm springs agent

It is very easy to see that one of the very simplest ways to make money is in the Palm Springs real estate market by “flipping” properties. “Flipping” a home can be a very fast and effective way to earn a nice profit in a very short amount of time and can be done by just about anyone no matter what their real estate knowledge might be.

The real trick to “flipping” a home is looking for a home that needs to have some basic repairs done to it. You want to make sure that any repairs that need to be done to the home that you are looking to flip are only cosmetics so that you are not investing a ton of money into the property as that would eat away at your potential profit. You then make all the repairs yourself or locate a contractor that will Read the rest of this entry »

Palm Springs Windmills “Secrets of the Windmills”

February 21st, 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Palm Springs or any other windmills, but were afraid to ask. KESQ-TV’s Gil Diaz goes behind the locked gates to reveal the “Secrets of the Windmills” Photographer-David Pena

Port Lawrence in Palm Springs, CA

February 19th, 2008

PalmSprings Realestate

Following with the over all modern look to Palm Springs comes the Port Lawrence Residences, newly offering a place for those modernists that cannot seem to feel at home in anything less than a true awe inspiring residence. Port Lawrence offers a wide variety of living arrangements, from studio lofts to penthouses and nearly everything in between.

Only in Palm Springs is Read the rest of this entry »

Palm Springs Food & Wine Festival to Benefit Culinary Institute of America

February 16th, 2008

Roy Yamaguchi of Roy's Restaurants

PALM SPRINGS, CA…February 6, 2008 -The Palm Springs Food & Wine Festival, a benefit for the Culinary Institute of America’s Endowed Scholarship Fund is presented by Wells Fargo and will be one of the most prestigious food and wine festivals in Southern California. Located at the Spa Resort Casino in downtown Palm Springs, this event will be uniquely educational in focus showcasing Palm Springs as a culinary destination.

This Festival is the only one of its kind on the West Coast as it benefits the premier culinary school in America, the Culinary Institute of America. Locally, the Festival also benefits the Desert AIDS Project whose mission is to provide crucial services for those with HIV & AIDS. In the spirit of these two organizations and their mission of education, the Festival and all of its partners will have educational components in each of the venues while the attendees experience the finest cuisine and wines from around the world. As an earth friendly event, the producers will be making every effort to use recycled products, biodegradable material, and limited power draw from the grids while being constantly aware of its overall footprint on the environment.
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William Krisel Architect - A Legend in Palm Springs Architecture

February 12th, 2008


With the myriad of astounding architectural designs used in and around Palm Springs, it is obvious that some of the most notorious architects have lived or designed there. One of the more noteworthy ones being William Krisel, AIA of the firm Palm & Krisel which began it’s reign in 1924. Since 1954 William Krisel has been invariably building his fame and notoriety, literally, as a landscape architect and winning the hearts of many with his intriguing designs that have lasted over a duration of time. Some of his more popular designs have been used world wide as models for studies and instruction in the intricacies of modern architecture.

Over the course of his fifty-one year career, he is personally responsible for having designed well over thirty thousand domestic units in and around the Southern half of California. This incredible career began when he responded to an invitation from a close friend to design some houses in modern style which were to be named Royal Desert Palms. These distinguished homes are now referred to as Twin Palms due to the pair of Palm trees that accompanied each home. His resume contains such professionally designed buildings such as the Las Palmas Estates, the Sandpiper condominiums in Indian Wells and Palm Desert as well as numerous others. His reputation was rightly earned and it’s reach was far.

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Modernism Week in Palm Springs

February 11th, 2008


Palm Springs, CA is truly becoming a city that never rests. Although this might seem contradictory to the general atmosphere in the scenic town, it has begun to define the majority of activities there. With something going on nearly every week, it comes as no surprise to announce another awe inspiring occasion.

This annual event has gained notoriety for the exciting mosaic of a multitude of architectural and design programs and events that are taking place in Palm Springs. This collaboration between some of the hierarchical seats of power in Palm Springs, such as the Palm Springs Historical Society, Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, Palm Springs Preservation Foundation, the Modernism Show, and the Palm Springs Art Museum is one sight you simply must see.

To attend this annual show is something to remember from the amazing sights to the splendor and grandeur of the scenic surroundings. With the focus set on architect and design, attendees are made privy to an awe inspiring collection of the old designs in conjunction with the new, bringing the past and the present into comparison to help re-invent Palm Springs and the beautiful history, both cultural and architectural. Read the rest of this entry »

Palm Springs Art Museum

February 2nd, 2008


Like a breath of fresh air on one of the dog days of summer, the Palm Springs Art Museum comes close to being a once in a lifetime experience. Located in the desert surrounded by the arresting beauty of this strange world that appears on the outside to have no life, the museum was once a center focused on educating locals and tourists about the desert and it’s different moods. Completely unlike the traditional museum, the Palms Springs Art Museum ventures into another realm of reality, one that challenges your very senses to explain what is in front of you.

An excellent website for the museum enables you a wide variety of choices to view some of the most unusual displays that were produced by artists and arranged for the purpose viewing them. With colors and shapes, these artists that have supplied art to the museum that speaks many ideas, emotions, and portrayals. If you have found yourself slowly drifting away from nature, your help to regain that commune with yourself and the inner peace available for us all is possibly in these amazing displays. When acknowledged as works of art, Read the rest of this entry »

The McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, California

January 31st, 2008

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and here at the McCallum Theatre you find this statement true as no other place on earth. From the beautiful stone decor outside with lovely pillars and expertly placed lighting to the breathtaking interior, this is a theatre house like no other and ever since opening their doors twenty years ago, January 2, 1988, these walls have seen thousands of different people come and go. Viewers from different generations, different backgrounds, all drawn to one place out of a love of the arts and the beauty of dance, acting, or singing.

Along with the vastly teeming crowds that have graced this amazing establishment have been notorious actors,singers, and famous members of society and government. Brought together under one roof to explore the world of arts and entertainment, some of the past performers include Julio Iglesias, Harry Connick Jr., Barry Manilow, Johnny Cash, Chris Botti. Read the rest of this entry »

The 20th Anniversary Frank Sinatra Countrywide Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament

January 30th, 2008


Boasting some of the most famous names in history, this golf tournament promises viewing of some of the most famous people alive today. Begun in 1989 as a way of focusing the world on giving aid to worthy causes, this tournament began it’s history raising money to benefit the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center that is attempting to raise the awareness of individuals of the concerning child abuse among other related topics.

This tournament has included a roster that mimics an A-list party or function involving all the most famous and important people from the surrounding areas. These attendees are given a wonderful week and weekend of experiences not to be forgotten. Beginning on February 21, activities include a concerto karaoke, followed by Frank’s favorites, Read the rest of this entry »

FEB 22-24 Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions — Keith McCormick

January 30th, 2008


Located on North Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs is the epitome of heaven for an exotic car buyer. For the past 22 years, English legend, Keith McCormick has made available some of the most highly sought after exotic cars and trucks. Best known and respected for his immaculate record for honesty and success, he has held a Palm Springs Exotic Car Auction twice a year, in November and February, in the hub of activity for Palm Springs — downtown. Set on the grounds of the fabulous Spa Resort Casino, the auctions draw a myriad of attendees from curious onlookers simply there to enjoy the people, location, and electricity in the air from the upbeat crowds to the serious die hard fans of exotic cars. Whatever you desire, there is something there for everyone.

Although Keith McCormick had achieved a level of notoriety in his homeland of Great Britain in 1981, it clearly was not enough for the hard driven self-made entrepreneur, he needed something more and his dream was to live in Palm Springs, California while focusing his attention on his family and exotic cars. Knowing far more than the average person about these vehicles, Keith went up against enormous odds Read the rest of this entry »

The Racquet Club in Palm Springs

January 18th, 2008


Boasting as the origin of some of the most fantastic history of Palm Springs, is the famed and renowned Racquet Club of Palm Springs. As a historic part of this scenic town, visiting the Racquet Club is a definite must for those of you that share a love of the past, and a desire to see into the private lives of some of the most famous actors of all time.

Set in the lonely desert, surrounded by the awe inspiring mountains lies the Racquet Club, founded by actors as a safe haven for themselves and others of their kind, to get a rare break away from the limelight even if only for a short while. The outside world received rare glimpses of the happenings and visitors inside through newspaper clippings, and stories passed through the old grapevine, but as for being allowed entry into this world of fun, relaxation, and tennis — it was a club for actors only.

Reading a list of the members of the Racquet Club was like reading a list of guests attending an A1 party or premiere show. All the biggest names were there, to name a few Read the rest of this entry »

The San Jacinto Mountains

January 18th, 2008


Abruptly rising from the floor of the desert and located east of Los Angeles are the majestic San Jacinto mountains. A short range running south by southeastward approximately 30 miles, these mountains are closely surrounded by the San Gorgonio Pass and the northern point of the Santa Rosa Mountains. Recognized as the back drop to the city of Palm Springs, they are not only beautiful to behold, but also necessary as a storage area for water of all the surrounding areas.

Giving those located nearby as well as visitors, a chance to engage in some outdoor activities offering recreational fun and the chance to meet fascinating travelers since the mountains attract tourists quite frequently. Some of the outdoor fun to be had includes mountain biking as an excellent way of finding your endurance level and just how tough you really are. Another option for exercise, fun, and sport is the trail hiking. Taking a trek through some of the most beautiful mountain ranges known to man, you may find yourself enthralled to the point of amazement and wonder at the beauty of the surrounding desert. Offering a respite from the often triple digit heat on the desert floor, this mountain range boasts the Mount San Jacinto State Park, and a division of the San Bernardino Mountains. The view from the mountains gives you a breathtaking and panoramic look at Read the rest of this entry »

The History Of Palm Springs

January 14th, 2008

Offering year round pleasant weather, posh resorts and the chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, Palm Springs, California is the destination for nearly half a million people annually. Joining those who have strolled down historic Palm Canyon Drive and immersing yourself in the luxury of the natural mineral hot springs are only a couple of options that promise a visit filled with fun and relaxation is a hub of activity nestled at the eastern base of the San Jacinto Mountains.

With an awe inspiring viepalm springs gas stationw of the mountains to the west and the beauty of the stark desert all around, the Coachella Valley has been home to Palm Springs since the early 1800’s. During this initial time period, the Cahuilla Indians, known as the Agua Caliente Indians, were the primary inhabitants, living around the hot springs in the winter months and moving to the Read the rest of this entry »