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Delhi Palace - A Buffet to be Reckoned With

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Be careful about Delhi Palace! Because every time you go there, the food just might get better. At least that’s the way it looks since the latest wave of new management took over.

When I visit - and I visit somewhat frequently, usually for lunch- the Nan seems to get flakier, yet softer. Real Indian tea appears suddenly on the buffet (It used to be a la carte). Suddenly, there’s this scrumptious but utterly subtle Indian lentil soup, flavored, just slightly, with little tidbits of carrots and soft yellow kernels of corn.

And then, there’s the buffet itself - The vegetable section has Aloo Gobhi with its slightly spicy cauliflower with counterbalancing potatoes; Daal Maharani, lentils thickened to a thick soup and flavored with Indian herbs; Palak Paneer- a fresh spinach with home made cheese, cooked curry-style with aromatic herb seasoning. Nice!� All this is complemented with the soft Basmati rice and the wonderfully delicately fried Pakoras or Vegetable fritters.

The meat items are generally segregated from the vegetables. For vegetarians, the Delhi Palace is a place of power- and perhaps they deserve a portion of the buffet for their own. On the meat side, the buffet has lamb dishes like small flavor-filled kabobs of lamb placed right next to the curried chicken. One of the regular meat dishes, of course, is the Tandoori chicken marinated in yogurt and roasted in the tandoori clay oven to a reddish brown. (Tandoori ovens are a strong component of a Northern Indian kitchen and you can get, particularly at nights, other tandoori specialties- sheesh kabab and lamb tikka.).

Good Indian condiments come with the buffet, mango and tamarind chutneys, North Indian pickles, yogurt dressing- even some fennel to take a pinch of before you go. (more…)