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The Racquet Club in Palm Springs


Boasting as the origin of some of the most fantastic history of Palm Springs, is the famed and renowned Racquet Club of Palm Springs. As a historic part of this scenic town, visiting the Racquet Club is a definite must for those of you that share a love of the past, and a desire to see into the private lives of some of the most famous actors of all time.

Set in the lonely desert, surrounded by the awe inspiring mountains lies the Racquet Club, founded by actors as a safe haven for themselves and others of their kind, to get a rare break away from the limelight even if only for a short while. The outside world received rare glimpses of the happenings and visitors inside through newspaper clippings, and stories passed through the old grapevine, but as for being allowed entry into this world of fun, relaxation, and tennis — it was a club for actors only.

Reading a list of the members of the Racquet Club was like reading a list of guests attending an A1 party or premiere show. All the biggest names were there, to name a few, Gene Kelley, Bob Hope, Jane Mansfield, and so many more. Their time for fun and relaxation kept them frequenting the notorious Bamboo Lounge where dancing the night away was almost a requirement as you can see in pictures of Jane Mansfield and Bob Hope singing together, or seeing Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez playing tennis on one of the tennis courts frequented by Clark Gableas well. Monster chess was enjoyed by the likes of Charley Farrell and Spencer Tracey. All around fun times were had by all.

The homes located around the near by this famous tennis club, the Racquet Club Road Estates, were exclusive designs built to encompass the fashionable architect styles of that time. Boasting spacious living quarters with a lot of glass panels and breezeways connecting patios and carports, these homes were suited to the lives of the rich and famous and now being the homes that make up residential areas of Palm Springs, show that William Krisel of Palmer and Krisel Architects was brilliant in his designs that have lasted through time until now. Having survived many attempts at reconstruction and remodeling, these home built by the Alexander Construction Company, help to reflect the energy of that bygone era, leaving us with a chance to see into the past if even for just a moment.

We are given the chance to share some of the lovely memories made there as we peruse historical websites set up for the sole purpose of sharing some of the stories and history of the Racquet Club. Through these pictures and stories, we can visualize the club as it was during the height of it’s glory. Although it was private for actors and their families only, it was a place held dear to so many, offering a brief respite from their over publicized lives as they enjoyed vacation time and fun.

Fearing the possibility of memories of the Racquet Club fading with each passing year, Daryn Hinton set up a website to share memories and recollections of a period in time where the sky seemed a little bluer, the sun a little brighter, and the laughter lasted the whole night through.

The Raquet Club is being redone to its original splendor, the architect firm of Muellar Design will oversee the renovation of Palm Springs most historic property. The amenities list is like that of a five star resort, including weight room, saunas, lounge, gardens and a historic renovation of the original restaurant the Bamboo Room, where Sinatra and Monroe sipped martinis at the bar and dined on first class cuisine prepared by the master chef. Check it out at

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