Lach would like to see Neves stay like a Wolves fan

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Bruno Lach, head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers Agreed to see Ruben Neves. The key midfielder stays with the team next season. Like a loud voice of fans expressing their desires

Molineux at Wolverhampton Wanderers drew 1-1 with Norwich City on Sunday. It was Wolves’ last home game of the season, with fans shouting at the ufabet club not to sell Neves. Who have been linked with Arsenal and Manchester United this summer. “I don’t know what they sing. But if you tell me I’ll sing too,” said Lach.

“I understand when we encounter rumours from various places. but i don’t have any problem with any player since the first day they arrived here This is because the club creates the highest professionalism.” “It’s very difficult to look for a player like this, Ruben is one of them. He’s been working hard since day one.” “We know how the market works. and when these types of players are in good form Some teams will also appear. and ready to pay “The club has lost players. But last year it was like this, everyone was talking about Ruben, but in the end nothing happened. “I want the best for Ruben, I want the best for the club, if Ruben stays I will be very happy.”