Real Madrid plans to recruit Florian Wirtz to strengthen the team in summer 2025.

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Florian Wirtz, 20-year-old midfielder, has a chance to leave. Leverkusen In the summer of 2025 after being target by Real Madrid, Manchester City and Liverpool.

Real Madrid plans to acquire Florian Wirtz, a 20-year-old midfielder from Leverkusen. To strengthen the team in the summer of 2025. But the Whites will have to fight off the field with two leading clubs from the Premier League. Manchester City and Liverpool, who are also interest in the player.

Wirtz is a talent young player who is worth keeping an eye on. Leverkusen Under the direction of Xavier Alonso. The 20-year-old midfielder scored 8 goals and 16 assists from 30 games playing in every competition this season.

With Leverkusen leading the Bundesliga. The current league and are 8 points clear of the former champion Bayern Munich. While there are 12 games left in the program and the Spanish trainer’s team still has an unbeaten record this season. From playing 32 games consecutive games as well.

Wirtz is currently under contract until the summer of 2027 and earns an annual salary of €7.5 million. Leverkusen Demanding compensation for releasing the talented midfielder is no less than 130 million euros. After the player is a target for reinforcements from leading clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City and Liverpool, especially Chelsea who look at the 20-year-old midfielder as a replacement. Kevin De Bruyne’s long term. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Florian Wirtz is a midfield player. Have good game driving skills Dribbling the ball with your feet And is very outstanding in dragging the ball and pulling it through the opponent’s checkpoint. Because this is another player who is fast and highly agile. As well as long shots are something he is good at as well. According to German media reports, Florian Wirtz is said to have a similar playing style to Leverkusen’s ex-boyfriend Julian Brand. Who currently plays with Borussia Dortmund.  

True, Florian Wirtz is station in the attacking midfield position. But this is another versatile child. Because he can move to stand as a flanker as well. He can stand in a 4-2-3-1 formation or as a 3-man striker in a 4-3-3 system. In addition, he can be lower down to stand as a central midfielder. That can connect with and control the rhythm of the game as well But if the greatest benefit is to be gain at this time. It must be given to the position of player number 10 or playmaker. It can be said that right now he is the new Kai Havertz of Leverkusen.